Don Pedro is back – and it’s fabulous again!

Don Pedro is back – and it’s fabulous again!

Madame Zingara Group signature funky decor!!
Loving trying on the hats at Don Pedros!

Don Pedro’s was a legend in Cape Town for many years – it was a spot where everyone turned up to hang out in the early hours of the morning after partying all over town.

Slowly it became run down and more and more dingy.

The Avo Ritz comes with a “surprise” – Barbie is your take home gift! Who needs happy meal packs!

It was bought last year by the Madame Zingara group – its owner Richard is flamboyant and owns the wonderful tented Madame Zingara theatre/circus which has been a run away success in this country.  This later led him to return to the world of restaurants starting the Bombay Bicycle Club, Cafe Paradisso (another spot that had been a old favourite in Cape Town), The Sidewalk Cafe (a slightly odd spot that no one used to go to) and the most recent Don Pedros. With each restaurant there is the quirky fabulous eccentric decor that has followed his roll out, combined with a touch of nostalgia. It seems that he has a magical touch in terms of creating spaces that people just feel comfortable and able to relax. Don Pedros fits the category completely. The decor is quirky, the staff are relaxed and fun and they have combined this

The fabulous ladies who sang for us – they have awesome voices! Yes – this picture would have been better from the front! But it does catch the mood!

with having a sultry singer from Wednesday to Saturday nights.  It is a wonderfully chilled spot with fab music and a nostalgic menu.

You are offered martini’s on arrival – the choice of martini options if long, quirky and interesting. I love the assumption that people may want to start with champers – there are retro champagne glasses on each table – ready for you! The menu has retro favourites such as avocardo ritz which comes with a surprise (a barbie doll clutching the glass

Retro Duck a la Orange is a favourite that regulars return for!

– and you can take her home!!) and Duck a la orange (which I had and it was excellent!).

Of course no meal would be complete without ending with a drink that came out of South Africa – the Don Pedro. The Don Pedro was originally whisky blended with ice cream – a naughty adult milkshake which was born in a Seapoint restaurant in Cape Town!  Now a days we blend many different liqueurs with ice cream and the result is that there is an

Tanya the fab manager & the tired Don Pedros chef (freshly home from the Cooks on Stage competition!)

Note that you can either go for a large meal or you can opt for their “inside out” menu which offers lighter meals at a really good price. We saw the burger go past from this menu and it looks fabulous – I will definitely return for a burger and a don pedro next time!

For anyone looking for a fun local restaurant with entertainment- this is a fun option.

To book call – 021 4476152. 113 Roodebloem Road (the top of Roodebloem rd), Woodstock

It is turning into a spot that the locals love – so I would recommend that you make a reservation.  You are still however welcome to turn up late at night for a Don Pedro!

For those of you who are still reading this – here follow a few more pics!