Douglas Green Wines – fantastic value for money…..ahhhhh Douglas Green!

Douglas Green Wines – fantastic value for money…..ahhhhh Douglas Green!

My memories of Douglas Green are of a brand that my parents enjoyed when I was a child and of course the 1980’s ad with the Japanese Sushi maker saying “Ahhhhh Douglas Green!”

Douglas Green trained as a winemaker in Stellenbosch and was one of the first marketing guru’s in the wine industry.  He spotted a gap that many are following today – he saw the gap to use his knowledge to buy the best grapes he could find and to bottle them under a brand label – Douglas Green Wines – which he would build into a brand that represented an accessible high quality wine that could be enjoyed immediately on purchase and bought for a price that represented good value for money.

He began his business with the purchase of the Forrer brother’s Stukvat liquor business in Paarl’s main road in 1938, and he is recognised as South Africa’s first true ‘negotiant’ wine merchant. It was risky and unconventional in his day, but he successfully ignored regionalism in favour of quality and price sourcing grapes and wine from across the Cape to blend his top quality range of wines.

70 years later – they are still one of the most popular wine brands in South Africa and are now available in 50 countries.  Their range includes a rose, whites (the chardonnay rocked my boat – it is very lightly oaked and was a perfect wood wine when paired with Italian food!), single cultivar reds and red blends (lightly oaked – ready to drink now or five years).  Locally these wines are outrangeously cheap – under R40 a bottle.

Douglas Green Junior - this is still a family owned brand!
Douglas Green Junior – this is still a family owned brand!

If you have not tried their wines – grab one next time you are at the supermarket.  My favourites were the chardonnay and the pinotage.

My verdict:  I thought there wines were really great – I would buy them for everyday drinking (great price) and would also feel comfortable serving them at a dinner party! 

Click here to visit their website. 

TIP: If you are living in the UK or the USA look out for The Beach House label in wine stores – this is also made by Douglas Green Wines – so it should be good!  It is currently one of the top selling South African wines in the US and the UK

Just for fun – check out the picture below of Marketing Manager for Douglas Green – a great ambassador for his wine as he introduces me to his wonderful range of wines over a great lunch at Burrata 

The Marketing Manager of Douglas Green Wines enjoying his job of telling us about his wonderful wines!