Cape Tours

Cape Tours

Bo-Kaap fab shot of houses

Cape Fusion Tours specializes in offering private Tours of the Western Cape region of South Africa. Our tours can be tailor made to your interests and we can design tours from one day through to ten days of the Cape.  Our focus is on offering wine & gourmet tours and activities in the Cape region, as well as to introduce you to the beauty of the Cape. Below we have provided a section to give you advice on scheduled tours – however we strongly recommend that you opt for the private tour route – this way the tour moves at your pace and takes in places that are of interest to you!

Private Tour options:

  1. Relaxed Pace Peninsula Tour:
    This is the main introduction tour to Cape Town.   We meander around the coast through the “villages” of Cape Town through to Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope.   Highlights include the coastal drive, Chapman’s Peak drive, the penguins and Cape Point.   We do a relaxed pace so that you can enjoy the places visited on the day.
  2. Cape Town Eats City Walking Tour:
    This is our most popular tour as it is our foodie walking tour of the city that gives you an insight into who we are as a place and a people – both past and present. We explore the city on foot, explore the history, meet the people and get to taste the local traditional cuisine and experience the artisanal food scene of Cape Town.
  3. Cape Wine Tours:
    These tours explore a few of our different wine regions in the Cape.  We focus on the oldest wine regions – which are the ones closest to Cape Town
  4. Cape Town Cooking Tours:
    These tours will introduce you to our local cuisine. They are so much more then just cooking.  Food is an introduction to the culture of our people. Strangely enough in Cape Town it is very hard to access what the people eat as it is mainly home based cuisines.

Scheduled Tours:
These tour options are to offer you advice on operators that we have worked with for many years and as such trust to supply you with a wonderful tour. We do not supply scheduled tours – but sometimes it is good to go for a mix of tour options while you are here – and as such we have supplied you with a list of ideas.  Feel free to contact these operators directly should any of the options appeal!


Below follows a little bit more information on touring in the Cape and how to go about selecting what you want, what you can do yourself and what tours to do if you are going to select one.  It also just gives a bit of guidance on what not to miss!

While in Cape Town, there are some essentials that you should experience prior to departing.   The top areas to explore before you go would be:

  1. The City
  2. The Atlantic Seaboard
  3. The Peninsula and
  4. The Wine region

Firstly – note Cape Town city is really really small.  It is easy to navigate as it is laid out in a grid.   As such it is easy for you to explore by yourself without a car.  The best way to get a feel for our city is definitely on foot.   When you drive you miss many of the buildings and to me the architecture is what makes our city special.  Top zones to walk about would be Bree Street (for the food and quirky artisanal spots), Government Avenue, Long Street, the Bo-Kaap and Adderley street.  There are options for those who want to know more, you can do a walking tour, you can do the hop on hop off bus – our city sightseeing tour or you can just simply walk and stop at our roadside cafes and watch the people.  To get to meet the people along the way and to dig a bit deeper – we would recommend that you do the Cape Town Eats City Walking Tour if you are a foodie.

As such the priority for people who do not have cars with them would be to do a Peninsula and a Winelands Tour – these cover bigger distances and are inaccessible if you do not have transport.  If you are only going to book two tours in Cape Town – these two will give you the best introduction to the beauty of our Cape Town region, as well as the history.  Our wine regions are close to the city.  Constantia is only 15 minutes away in off-peak traffic, Stellenbosch is 45 minutes and Franschhoek is only 1.5 hours.  Tours will give you more insight into our home, our people and our gourmet delights!

Many of the tour options are available through operators as scheduled or private tours. One gets more out of a private tour as it moves at your pace and takes in your interests. However for those who wish to meet others and would like a cheaper alternative, scheduled tours are available for both the winelands and the peninsula.  Cape Fusion Tours specializes in offering only private tours (guided by myself and a group of “foodie and wino” guides).  Our main aim is for you to make sure you make the most of your visit to our beautiful Cape. However we have included a section on recommended scheduled tours given by others in case you need advice!

The Atlantic Seaboard is a term that even those that have lived here for a while will not understand!  It refers to the area from Camps Bay to Seapoint.  It is our beaches, our beach bars and one of our favourite areas to enjoy sunsets and cocktails!  As such this is an area that needs to be seen and enjoyed while you are here.  Simply drive through or take a taxi to Camps Bay.  Make sure you build in enough time to play in Cape Town too!  If not, make sure you at least make it here for dinner and a pre-dinner drink to watch the sunset!