A launch into the world of Blogging!

Today is my first attempt at figuring out how to go about blogging! Why does the age of nearly 40 make me feel like I have been left behind by the teenagers – it all feels a bit like Greek to me! Do I really think that I will be dedicated to sitting and doing a blog regularly?? Chances are extremely small! Where do people find the time? To me life just seems to always be frantically busy! So why am I venturing into this world? I have a small company that focuses on my passions – I live in Cape Town, I adore finding delicious wines and searching for gourmet delights. I have found my groove in Cape Town – each day I wake up here and realize that I am living in one of the most special places on earth. I am surrounded by mountains, see the sea everyday, can escape to beaches within ten minutes, can be a wine region in 15 minutes (yes it is true!) and live two minutes from the inner city. I have watched this city transform from a chilled out beach town where patrons often did not wear shoes into the restaurants, into an international playground. As such there is always something new and changing and the city not only has a vibrating pulse, but a wonderful peaceful energy due to Table Mountain and the beach culture. Over my next blogs (indeed if I ever manage to figure out how to save this to my current “new blog”) I will start exploring the jewels that make up Cape Town and make sure you fall in love with it too!


About capefusiontours

Cape Fusion Tours runs private tours of the Western Cape region of South Africa and focuses on wine, cooking and gourmet experiences!
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