The Biscuit Mill Market – Cape Town – a few delicious pictures to make you hungry!

I spent last Saturday at the Biscuit Mill Market – and took some delicious pictures to share with you!!

The Biscuit Mill Market was the first artisenal market in Cape Town which celebrated our small local suppliers of anything from fresh produce to chaucuterie products through to cider, beer & the great art of cocktail making!

This is where you will find Cape Town foodies on a Saturday morning – be warned it gets packed – so go early in order to enjoy anything from fresh oysters through to the wonderful stir fry noodle lady who claims to have the perfect cure for a Saturday morning hangover!!

Note – as locals we go to the markets to eat – not only to shop.  It must be added that we also go to relax, socialize, drink champers/cocktails/artisenal beers and to hang out with our mates.  As such it is a “must include” when visiting Cape Town.

For opening details and details of our other markets check out my full article which covers many of the Cape Town markets


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Cape Fusion Tours runs private tours of the Western Cape region of South Africa and focuses on wine, cooking and gourmet experiences!
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