Pam McOnie – living her foodie dream with Cape Fusion Tours

The Blog ……….

The intention of my blog is to share my knowledge with visitors to my favourite city on the planet – Cape Town.  When I travel I research extensively and love nothing more then finding a website by a local with insider “tips” of what to do and what not to miss!  I am a foodie, a wine lover, an art lover and a lover of everything we have to offer in my beautiful Cape Town!   The aim is to share my information with you and to make sure you have the best time possible in our city.

About Cape Fusion Tours………

Cape Fusion Tours is my company – it was started about 12 years ago with the intention of venturing into a career that would incorporate many of my passions in life: being able to live in Cape Town, a passion for traveling and meeting people, a love of exploring and finding new things and a great enjoyment of afternoons surrounded by good friends, a great meal, delicious wine that matches the mood and lots  and lots of laughter.

So the trick is how do you turn that into a career and make sure that you just keep having fun? My answer was to a launch a tour operating company in Cape Town where I would introduce the visitors to everything that makes us unique and special.  During their time with me they would not only fall in love with the Cape, but get to experience our cuisine by cooking it and meeting our people.  As a foodie myself – the overseas guys get to tap into a fellow foodie and get to experience our way of life (eg arriving for lunch in the wine district at 12h00 and leaving at 6pm!) and to as such gain an insight into our foodie experiences.  So I have great fun, I meet people as clients and 99% leave as friends.  From my side it is fantastic to meet people from all over the world and to learn from each and every one of them.

Meet Anine……..

Anine - Cape Fusion Tours new fabulous guide!

Anine – She knows everyone in the city and hugs everyone!  Anine is our Mom of the team and takes special care of all her clients

By late 2013,  after eleven years of growing Cape Fusion Tours,  my business really started to take off.   My newest tour option – Cape Town Eats – was now getting a steady flow of bookings that I could not accommodate as a one women business, and as such some hard decisions had to be made.  I  needed another pair of hands.  I needed a mini-me!  Anine joined Cape Fusion Tours in January 2014 and has indeed grown into a mini-me!  She brought with her the same style of touring, a philosophy of sharing her life and the real Cape Town with people and added bonus of being the most organized person I know.  For those of you get to meet her, you will be met with a hug and a kiss, and someone who genuinely wants to make sure that you maximize your time in the Cape by matching your interests to every activity that is chosen on your touring days.

Meet Ryan………

Ryan - Truth

Ryan in the middle of our friends from Truth Coffee Roasting

Our little family grew again towards the end of 2015.   I met Ryan through my sister who had known him since her college days.   After many years in the hospitality and restaurant industry he was ready for a new adventure.   I believe our paths were meant to cross.   He had the perfect mix of skills I was looking for:   a foodie, a gentleman, passionate, caring,  a background in hospitality and service and a mind that was keen to explore and grow.

Here is Ryan’s story:   I guess my journey with food and wine and Cape Town began the moment I finished with my national service and headed down to live in Cape Town 25 years ago.
I grew up in Johannesburg so when I moved to Cape Town it was the start of an amazing adventure. I began to explore this beautiful place from my interest in surfing. There were always these hidden little spots in and around town as well as just outside of town.
I fell in love with this little village that has now grown into an even more exciting place to be.
My interest in food and wine took off during my time in Hermanus where I had a restaurant with my mom.
She has an amazing passion for food and an eye for detail.
I have learnt so much from her over that period, gaining an admiration for the simple yet mind blowing creations one can do with ingredients.
Living near the Hemel en Aarde valley did wonders for my appreciation for good wine.
My time in the Overberg was a time of growth and exploration in nature, food and wine.
I toured the vineyards and made great relationships with local wine makers and chefs.
Returning to Cape Town after that time could not have been timed any better.
I wanted to still be close to food and wine but also to be outdoors.
After meeting Pam and chatting about my interests and experience there was no hesitation to join her amazing company and combine all the necessary experience and ingredients I had gained over the years in the perfect place with the perfect company.
Cape Town is at an incredibly interesting and exciting time at the moment and I am proud, excited and can’t wait to showcase our amazing city to the rest of the world.
To help forge unforgettable memories and tangible moments for all that come here.
It is truly an honor to be in this position, to have the opportunity to show the world what we have to offer.

If you decide to spoil yourself and do a tour – check through my options and let me know what appeals to you.   It is always sound advice to have a designated driver for wine farm exploration days!  From a foodie perspective, our winelands offer some of the best restaurants in the country – as such it is definitely worth spending a few days exploring that region!  Note that all of my tours are private tours – so they take into account your interests and move at your pace.

Meet Shelley………


Shelley is a former chef, an art lover, loves exploring, loves meeting people and photography.   Exploring with Shelley means you will meet the people of Cape Town, stop for a chat and a picture.  She loves nothing more then exploring the city and her beautiful Cape.

Shelley is the latest addition to our family.   She started studying tour guiding last year to become a part of our team.   The Truth was that she was already 90% there in her journey as she is a Chef and former restauranteur who knows most people in the industry in Cape Town and has lived here for many years.

Here is Shelley’s story:

My love affair with food began when I was 12 yrs old. I always used to help my granny in the kitchen but it was when I met my Home Economics teacher in high school that my food affair was confirmed. She inspired me so much that I studied to become a Home Economics teacher too.

I taught in London for 3 years and upon returning home, decided to further my career in the food industry. I studied further and ended up working in the hospitality industry in Mallorca, Spain for several years.

I settled back in Cape Town and opened a restaurant on the trendy Kloof Street which I had for 6 years. I was renowned for my baking skills and had a reputation for the best baked delights in town! I decided to sell after spending just too many hours in the kitchen and not experiencing life.

Pam suggested that I do the tourism course as I have a love for people, food & wine and my city.  I am so glad that I walked down this path as it encompasses all my passions and I want to celebrate what our city and country has on offer. I love being part of the rainbow nation and want to showcase our different cultures and cuisines and my curious personality allows just that, to delve deeper into our history and discover all that is happening in and around the city.

I feel proud being part of this wonderful city of ours which is so creative not only in the arts and crafts but being a renowned foodie haven and having your finger on the pulse at all times…and this is what motivates me as I want to showcase and celebrate her and all her people to the visitors of the Mother City who should come explore with us and create memorable experiences.