Cafe Mozart plays again!

Cafe Mozart plays again!

Cafe Mozart has been an institution in Cape Town’s inner city for 37  years.

It was always quirky and fun with Mozart’s music gently playing in the background – but gradually it became a shabby chic spot and then it just felt shabby!  Enter the Madame Zingara group in 2010 and it once again became shabby chic and quirky…..with fab food….and great ambiance.  A winning combo for Cape Town!

Daisy from at Cafe Mozart Cape Town

   I was quite amused to receive an invite from the Madame Zingara group to go and try out Cafe Mozart. What does one do when you are already a groupie of a spot?  Naturally one accepts the free lunch! Naturally as I am a groupie – a blog on this spot was long overdue anyway.   I had a walking tour on Thursday – so I popped in with guests and then on Friday I met up with a great friend of mine Daisy – who is the fountain of knowledge behind the wonderful website

Both visits were wonderful and a lovely opportunity to actually enjoy sitting indoors.  One of the main drawcards of the spot (for me) is to sit under the trees at the outside tables.  I enjoy watching the people passing by and watching those that are relaxing at this lovely spot under the tree with goodies hanging from it and surrounded by a quaint white picket fence.  The restaurant was buzzing on both days that I visited – wonderful to see in the middle of winter.

I love chilling out in the outside area at Cafe Mozart

We sat upstairs on both occasions – and I must admit I love how cozy it is up there.  I love the clutter and the eccentric decor – it is warm and welcoming.  The staff are always lovely at Cafe Mozart.  Note that there is only one or two small inside tables next to the kitchen – so if you find stairs a challenge – this spot will not be a great choice for winter.   On Thursday I had a delicious chicken burger – but was well impressed with how yummy the fish and chips looked when ordered by my client – I must admit I was suffering food envy!  Lucky me going back the next day.  Well – the restaurant was not expecting so many people to

turn up for lunch on the Friday – as such they started running out of everything.  It makes me feel

Food envy – how delicious do the fish & chips look. Love that they serve it in a colander

so happy for them that they  were doing so well!  So – no fish and chips for me!  They were out of chips!  Then they ran out of burger rolls!  So I went for the steak sandwich on the recommendation of the waiter – he suggested brown.  Unfortunately my worst thing in the world is sweet brown bread!  And voila it came on the sweet brown bread!  It was however a really lovely lunch.  Daisy enjoyed her calamari.

Cafe Mozart Steak Sandwich on brown

The Verdict:

I love it there!  Even if the food was not delicious (which it most certainly is!!) – there is something about the place that resonates with me.  I just love the energy and vibe of this little spot.  It is quirky and I feel relaxed and at home.  I can’t wait for summer to relax in the outside area…………..come on sunshine!! (Ps – you must try their cakes! Yum!)

Where to find them?

Click here for their website.

Open Mon – Friday – 7am to 4pm.  Saturday 9am – 3.30pm – note you are welcome to simply come and have a coffee or a drink or breakfast or lunch!  Sadly they are not open for dinners! What a pity!
Address: 37 Church Street – next to the antique market and in the pedestrianized part
Tel: 021 424 3774

Some of the dishes:

Cafe Mozart Steak Sandwich on brown
The Calamari



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