Cape Town Tours (Private)

The boundaries of Cape Town include the city, the suburbs all the way to Cape Point and through to Somerset West – as such it is really spread out!  In order to get the most out of your visit, we would highly recommend that you spend at least a day dedicated to our city area and a day to exploring the peninsula area.  The peninsula area essentially follows the Table Mountain Mountain range from its famous flat front in the city and meanders all the way to Cape Point.

Tour options:

  1. Private Cape Peninsula Tour
  2. Private Cape Town City Tour – half day or full day

Private Cape Peninsula Tour

Today we explore the peninsula region of Cape Town.  It is a scenic coastal meander that will introduce you to the extended suburbs of Cape Town.  This tour showcases the beauty of the Cape Town area and will orientate you for future visits.  We call this the teasing tour as you get to taste a little of how much Cape Town has to offer!

Highlights of the day include:

  • The tour passes through many of Cape Town’s most beautiful villages: Camps Bay, Llundudno, Hout Bay, Simon’s Town and Kalk Bay.
  • A drive along the paroramic Chapman’s Peak Drive along the cliffs.  This is rated as one of the most beautiful drives in the world!

A visit to the famous Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope.  Cape Point represents the success of Bartholomew Diaz who first discovered it while looking for a way to get to the East – he may not have made it all the way there, but finally the Portuguese knew that there was a turning point and as such there was hope that the route would be discovered.                  Nine years later the famous Vasco da Gama would pass the point and manage to get all the way through to the East.  This opened up the Spice Routes for the Europeans and very soon there was shipping traffic passing the Cape on a regular basis.

A visit to the penguin colony at Boulders.  Penguins are only found in the Southern hemisphere, and as such it is a treat for those from the North to be able to see them outside of an aquarium.  The African penguin’s natural habitat is to live on islands off the Coast of South Africa.  However, many of the penguins natural habitats have been disturbed by man over the years.  As such in the 1980’s a couple of penguins decided to relocate to one of Cape Town’s favourite beaches – Boulders beach – they must have liked what they saw as they then got busy breeding.  Today there are over 3000 penguins living at Boulders.  The beach is now only open to penguins and is closed to sun tanners! There are however viewing platforms that will allow you to get up close to the penguins.

There are a couple of optional activities during the day (note that sadly we can’t get to all of them so they are either or activities):

A stop for a wine tasting in the famous Constantia Valley or Cape Point Vineyards – Both areas are renowned for their excellent white wines due to their close proximity to the ocean.

  • A ramble through the quaint village of Kalk Bay to look at the architecture and do some shopping

A short walk through Kirstenbosch Botanical gardens.  Our recommendation to anyone who has extra time in Cape Town is to rather head through to the Gardens on your own to spend a few hours here.  This is one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world and as such it is a treat to spend a few hours and to relax and do a tea or coffee.

A boat trip to see the Cape Fur Seal colony in Hout Bay (this is a great inclusion when there are children on tour)

  • Catch the cable car up to the top of Table Mountain for a short walk – due to the fact that this tour is a long one, the visit to the top of Table Mountain would be fairly short and the tour would need to depart at 08h30 in order to fit it in.  The Mountain boasts panoramic views of the city, Camps Bay, Robben Island and all the way to Cape Point on a clear day.  Note that ascneding the mountain is weather dependent and that on a peninsula tour it would need to be a really quick visit – we would recommend you do this on a day where you have time to just relax and chill on top of the mountain!

A favourite restaurant for inclusion on Peninsula Tours is The Harbour House Restaurant  – this restaurant boasts panoramic sea views and the freshest fish in town as they have their own fishing boats.

Private Cape Town City Tour:

Cape Town is the oldest city in South Africa and as such has acquired the name of the “Mother City”.  Today we take a walk through the history of the City – its people, its buildings and its business district.

Highlights of today will be:

Either a walk or a driving tour through the oldest part of the city.  Simply let us know your preference.  Here we explore the old history of the Dutch India Company occupation, followed by the invasion of the British in 1795.  Both had a distinct impact on the city in terms of architecture.

A visit to the Bo-Kaap area which is the only region of the city that people of colour were not forcefully removed from.  This  is the Cape Malay Muslim quarter of the city and boasts brightly coloured houses.   There is the opportunity to visit some community projects in this area such as Monkey Biz and Streetwires (Mon – Sat.  Closed Sat afternoon and Sunday)

A visit to the District 6  Museum (Mon – Sat) which is a museum of the memories of the people who were forcefully removed from the “sixth” district of Cape Town.  Over 60 000 people were removed from the “slums” at the edge of the city.  This museum is a powerful reminder of the happy times they shared living together.  It is a place where the community meet to try and fight to recreate their community and to get their land back

Ascending the cable car to the top of Table Mountain (weather dependant).  From the top of Table Mountain you enjoy panoramic views of the city and after a short stroll on a clear day you will be able to see all the way to Cape Point (weather dependant!).

Note: This tour is a half day tour which is either in the morning or in the afternoon.  It is recommended tour be done on either a week day or a Saturday morning. Note also that the amount of activities achieved on each day tour would depend on the client’s preferences and the amount of time they chose to spend at each activity.  For example on a perfect day, the clients may chose to spend the whole morning on the mountain!

THE CITY TOUR CAN BE BOOKED AS A FULL DAY TOUR.  Additional ideas to consider including in your day:

  • The tour could focus on shopping for African Arts and Crafts in specialist stores in the city and enjoy a visit Green Market Square – the city’s main fleamarket.  It is always good to get an insiders perspective on where to shop!
  • Include a visit to a home in the Cape Malay area for an introduction to the local cuisine that is the oldest in the Cape.  Here you learn to make Rooti’s, a Cape Malay curry, fold samoosas and then sit down to a delicious lunch.  This is the only area in Cape Town where people of colour were not forcefully removed.  It is a wonderful way of getting to know a few of the locals!  (Note that this can be included as a lunch stop without cooking!)  This option works for foodies – note that it can be done as a standalone self drive or tour option – click to read more on our Cape Cooking Experiences webpage.
  • A longer walk in the city for those that are energetic – explore the Company Gardens (the oldest part of Cape Town), St George’s cathedral, the local art gallery………etc!
  • Include Half day of city, combined with lunch at a gorgeous restaurant in the Constantia Wine district, followed by wine tasting after lunch.  To obtain more information on the Constantia Wine Tour click here.
  • Include a walk in the world famous botanical gardens – Kirstenbosch.  This garden is dramatically located on the Eastern slopes of Table Mountain.

We would recommend booking a full day tour as this allows the pace to slow down and one can enjoy exploring the various sights in and around Cape Town

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