Exciting news: New V&A Market on the Wharf to open in November 2012

Exciting news: New V&A Market on the Wharf to open in November 2012

Under Construction – Foodie market coming soon!

3 1/2 years ago Ruth Munitz approached the V&A Waterfront with the idea of starting a fresh produce market.  At the time, Cape Town was not used to having foodie markets and the Waterfront did not agree with her proposal for a market where people could buy fresh produce from artisenal vendors and local producers.  A few months ago she was however contacted by the Waterfront and asked to be one of four people contacted to submit a tender proposal for a fresh goods market.   She won the tender and work is currently underway to start creating the market.

Location will be the historic Power Station (old Musica store)

It is Ruth’s dream to create a foodie market for Cape Town that can rival the likes of the La Boqueria in Barcelona, Borough Market in London and the Ferry Building Market in San Francisco.   This is such an exciting venture and I am going to be one of the first people to go and check it out as soon as it opens.  The market will be open from Wed – Sunday from 09h00 to 19h30 and you can simply head down there and stock up from artisenal and organic vendors for your dinner parties!  Fabulous!

To quote Ruth:

“It will provide a hassle-free “must stop shopping” experience for anyone who has an interest in high quality food, from the single house-holder to the dinner party host through to the restaurateur looking for the “best of the best” produce on a daily basis. “In line with the trend of going back to basics and the Slow-Food-Movement, the market will offer to V&A residents and businesses, travellers and the hip, hot and happening crowd of Cape Town the opportunity of browsing and shopping at a daily market with a large selection of fresh produce under one roof in a popular and convenient venue”, elaborates Munitz.

For more information check out their website on www.marketonthewharf.co.za

The market is currently looking for high quality vendors – if you are interested – the application form and details are on their website.