On a Roll – Dog’s Kitchen! Cape Town opens its first gourmet hot dog restaurant!

On a Roll – Dog’s Kitchen! Cape Town opens its first gourmet hot dog restaurant!

Rolling on with the blogging we went to try out On a Roll and to chat to Peter Ayub in his Dog’s Kitchen.  This blog has been sitting in my drafts folder for a few weeks as life has been rolling on!   I better hurry up with it as it looks like there will be lots of gourmet worsies to chose from by the time I publish this!

Extra yummy gourmet Dog!

I am definitely spotting a move away from fussy fine dining and towards quirky, value for money places – with a little touch of nostalgia.   Most have taken street food into a funky off street venue.  Some try to keep the “feel” of the street like the Dog’s Bollocks.   Another one will be “the pop up” trailer which is being launched by Bertus from Overture – in oder to track their trailer you will have to follow the website!  Brilliant and fun!


Oh my gosh – what a creative menu – I wanted to try all of the options!  We settled for getting 4 different options and cutting them all into 3 so that we could try as many options as possible.   To give you some idea of the menu – check out a few of his very creative options below:

Thai Lady Boy

Chicken Sausage with Mango, Pickled Ginger, Coriander & Coconut Cream

Double Chick
Chicken Sausage with Brandy Flamed Chicken Livers and a Hint of Chilli

German Shepherd
Bockwurst Sausage with German Mustard, Granny Smith Apple and Sauerkraut

Heart Stopper
Käsegriller Emmenthaler Sausage with Tomato Carpaccio and Mixed Salad Greens

Cabanossi Sausage with Charcoaled Pineapple, Guacamole and Blackbean

…………so hard to chose!  Add to it that Peter is a chef and he has gone searching for the best quality Worsies he can find in the region – you will want to try them all when he describes them – he is really passionate about Worsies!


They are located in Mowbray – directly across the road from the Fat Cactus. This is the perfect location as there is a shortage of fun restaurants in the Southern Suburbs and there are also a large number of university students in the area.  I think this spot will be a winner with the students as it is great fun and is really reasonably priced.


In retrospect I did feel a little bad about bringing my own wine to such a reasonably priced spot.  I just could not resist taking Bertus Basson’s chenin blanc to try and pair with a gourmet hot dog!  For some time I have known that he is planning a gourmet hot dog venture – so researching hot dog wine pairing is research any friend would undertake!   The verdict: the Collaboration Chenin Blanc stood up to even the most whacky gourmet hot dog combo – and even enhanced it!!  I would urge Peter to list it!  Check out the wonderful ice buckets below!  Do you think that Peter is trying to tell us to pair beer with our dogs?

Overture's Collaboration Chenin Blanc visits the Dog's Kitchen!
Bertus's Collaboration Chenin in a glam Windhoek Ice Bucket!


Loving all of them!! I need to return to try out the rest of the menu!

We divided up each “Dog” into thirds and all did a taste test of each Dog.

Pam loving her Dogs! Definitely On a Roll:

Pam getting ready to enjoy the Dog's!
Kari and Aninie getting ready for the feast!

Overall Assessment:

Delicious, fabulous, creative, yummy, moreish (not a real word – but it should be.)  We will be back!


Call 021 685 9916

Website:  www.dogkitchen.co.za

Address: 78 Durban Road, Little Mowbray, Cape Town (directly opposite the Magic Cactus!)

Hours: Tues – Sat 12 noon until late!

Owner: Peter Ayub – peter@senseoftaste.co.za

PETER OWNS A COOKING SCHOOL IN CAPE TOWN AND ISTANBUL – see the website below for details! 

His cooking school is in Cape Town & Istanbul!

Rolling on!!

It seems like gourmet hot dogs have become the new theme!  The guys from YoursTruly Restaurant in the city bowl have opened:

HAWKS AND HOUNDS ( a friend passed on the background below – I have no idea who wrote it – so thank you for sharing to the writer!)

From the creator of Yourstruly, comes the newest edition to Long Street’s café culture. Crêpes and hotdogs are the order of the day at this hip new spot. Enjoy them in the vintage wood panelled space, or simply take them away in their signature brown cardboard triangle. We recommend the chocolate crêpe washed down with a glass of their homemade lemonade (at only R5 a glass).

263 Long Street | City Centre | Cape Town | +27(0)82 655 6116

Check out the GUY WITH A CAMERA BLOG for some visuals of this spot – BEAUTIFUL!

A WORS ROLL – Bertus’s “Worsie” trailer goes live!!

Hee hee – not so live yet that I can find the newly launched website – it is going to be called A WORS ROLL and the new website is supposed to be something along the lines of www.aworsroll.co.za.  The concept is going to be a mobile trailer and you will have to keep checking the website in order to find the trailer around the city.

Expect gourmet hot dogs with a good twist as this is owned by Bertus Basson of Overture restaurant.   Bertus is one of our country’s top chefs – so if he wants to play with hot dogs – I will be a complete groupie!! Follow this space for updates!

UPDATE: Their website has gone live: www.dieworsrol.co.za – they have launched it more as an outsource – ie let them know if you are having a party or a function and they will be there – cost R35 a dog!   Not quite as exciting – but it will grow and morph in the future!!