Pam’s favourite Artisan Coffee Roasters & Chocolate makers in the Cape

Pam’s favourite Artisan Coffee Roasters & Chocolate makers in the Cape

There is a fantastic increase in small micro Coffee Roasters in the Cape area.   They have transformed our taste buddies into discerning coffee taste buds – and now I must admit we are really really spoilt!  For those that are coffeeholics you cannot leave the Cape without trying a few of our favourites!

Pam’s list of the best coffee in Cape Town:

Deluxe Coffee Works– they roast there own coffee beans and offer you a cup at only

Gorgeous new Micro Roastery site for Deluxe Coffee on Roodehek Rd (part of the Dog’s Bollocks!)

R12!! This is not only one of the nicest cups of coffee you will ever enjoy – it is also one of the cheapest!  Great strategy – once you taste you will want the beans!  All the branches are quirky and fun, with the Church Street inner city branch drawing long queues in the morning!  Note they are focused only on coffee!  So they do not sell ANYTHING else! Don’t try and order tea or a snack! Original Branch – 25 Church Street.  Recently they moved their roasting operation (2017) to 171a Buitenkant Street, Gardens.   They also have a tiny little branch in the Bo-Kaap.   Their coffee can however be found in many of the small eateries around Cape Town.



Origin Coffee Roasters – This is a fabulous spot to visit if you love coffee or if you love tea or if you just want to people watch while enjoying both of the above.  Here you can enjoy breakfast or lunch (closed in the evening).  For those that are interested you can book to do a tea appreciation session – here they teach you about teas from around the world and you enjoy tastings.  You can join up for a Barrista course or come early and watch them make their bagels!  NB there is a hidden upstairs courtyard on the roof – much nicer in summer as although the smells inside downstairs are insanely fab – it is nice to sit outside on a lovely day! Location: 28 Hudson Street, De Waterkant, Cape Town.  For more information, check out my blog on Origin Coffee








Truth Coffee Cult – Fabulous coffee roastery offering a taste of a variety of blends that they have put together themselves.   The main spot where they roast the beans is located at 1 Somerset Rd (corner Buitengracht), Greenpoint.  This is a fab little spot to visit – in addition it has a small slave museum on the property – so this is a lovely combo to get a bit of a feel for the history of the area.  They also have a small outlet selling coffee outside Mitchell’s Brewery in the V&A Waterfront.  Recently they have opened another branch at 36 Buitenkant Rd.  This is their HQ and it has an awesome huge coffee roaster in the middle.  A plus is that you can chat to the coffee roasters and see the huge sacks of coffee at the back.  It is funky and fun.   They do light meals too and have a liquor license. Open from 7am weekdays and 8am weekends. They close around 6pm. Sundays they close around 2pm

EspressoLab Microroasters –  located at the Biscuit Mill Centre in Woodstock – this is a “must do” to combine when visiting the market on a Saturday – however – it is fabulous to pop in during the week too as you can actually speak to them!  On a saturday it is manic in this little coffee shop!  The queue stretches out the door from mid-morning!  A bit of lovely blurb from their website: Our quest is to find optimal ways in enjoying coffee, from sourcing small lots of freshly harvested coffee, to finding the optimal roasting profiles that will reflect the terroir and origin of the coffee, showcasing complexity in flavour and a balance between sweetness and acidity. We showcase coffees from fully traceable farms, estates and cooperatives and look to establish relationships with growers and exporters, always looking at sustainable, fair and equal trade.

Bean There Fair Trade Coffee:  This is a funky little shop in the middle of Cape Town City.  I love the vibe inside here and the smell of coffee is enough to drive me wild!   To understand a little more about them, here is some info from their website: With a love for coffee and a passion for the African adventure, Bean There Coffee Company acquires, through direct fair trade, the world’s finest single origin coffee, which is roasted in small batches to produce an exclusive optimal roast.  Direct fair trade means producers receive a fair payment for their coffee through equal engagement, regardless of market fluctuations, which ensures community development, empowerment, and sustainability. Bean There provides single origin, unblended coffee beans from one country and region. All coffee beans have an optimal roast: a point within the roasting process where the key coffee elements of aroma, body, acidity and flavour meet perfectly, resulting in a most desirable, optimal roast. Bean There has directly sourced the world’s most exclusive coffee which it traditionally hand-roasts in small batches.  Location: 58 Wale Street Cape Town (plus 2 branches in Joburg)  Ps – Honest Chocolate is almost directly next door – so make sure you visit them at the same time to pick up a few truffles.  Info on them is below.

Tribe Coffee Roastery is located in the Woodstock District which is about 10 minutes drive from the city.  This is the area that has become the creative hub of Cape Town.  It is a fantastic district to explore – start with the Woodstock Exchange and then walk the two blocks to the Woodstock Foundry.  Tribe is located at the back the Woodstock Foundry.  Check out the street art in the area and in both of these small malls.  A visit to Tribe is great fun – the owner is half American/half Canadian and is truly passionate about coffee – simply ask to try some of his different single origin roasts.  Jake jokes that the district is filled with creative people with creative businesses and not much business sense – as such no one makes much money!  They all however have great fun hanging out and inspiring each other!   He is no exception – we ordered a coffee each and tried about 3 other coffees while we were there!  This is really worth a visit.  Tip – head through the back to check out his large coffee roaster.  He is now supplying around 25 Cape Town outlets! 170 Albert Road, Woodstock Foundry Tel 021 448 33 62 jake@tribecoffee.co.za

Haas Coffee Collective – this is located in Buitenkant Street in the city.

Haas Coffee – a favourite of mine!

.  It is a funky micro roastery, delicious spot for having a light lunch, a funky spot to people watch and is also a small art gallery and shop.  It is well worth a visit.  They are also the only people I know selling the Kopi Luwak coffee – which they recommend drinking as an espresso (R100!).  Kopi Luwak is Robusta or Arabica coffee beans which have been eaten by and passed through the digestive system of the Indonesian Civet.  Their Kopi Luwak is from the islands of Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi in Indonesia.


The First Coffee Shop opens in Khayelitsha Township:  The Department of Coffee has just opened its doors!  

I have just read about The Department of Coffee and plan to try and get there to check it out.  To read more about them check out the lovely article on them in Cape Town Magazine by clicking here

Google maps:  http://goo.gl/maps/wZQKy

A fun way to discover some of the smaller roasteries at home would be to sign up to a lovely sounding little company called DISCOVER GREAT COFFEE – they deliver a variety of coffee beans from South African bean roasters.

Artisan Chocolate Makers: 

Also terribly exciting is the rise of the artisan chocolate makers in the Cape.  Once again we have now been spoilt and the thought of buying commercial chocolate makes me feel a little queasy!

  1. DV Artisan Chocolatelocated on Spice Route Wine Estate Paarl- this is a wonderful
    Round the World Chocolate tasting with DV Chocolate!

    artisan chocolate factory where the De Villiers family make chocolate straight from the cocoa beans that they import.  The only ingredients they use are cocoa beans and sugar.  By keeping the chocolate bars to single origins, it allows you to taste the “terroir” of the cocoa bean in much the same way as you would find different characteristics from different regions that wine comes from.  They do a wonderful chocolate tasting experience here and it is well worth a visit if you are headed into the Cape Winelands.  To read more about them, check out my blog on them or click here to see the different chocolate tasting options they offer for visitors. They are open daily from 9am to 5pm for chocolate tastings

  2. Honest Chocolate– I finally went and met Anthony at the shop in Wale Street last
    Honest Chocolate offers RAW chocolate!

    week.  It was fascinating learning about what they are doing.  The really interesting part is that they are NOT roasting the cocoa beans.  They are bringing in the finest raw (unroasted), organic Ecuadorian cacao. The chocolates are also free of dairy and processed sugar  – they use Agave nectar.  This makes their chocolates suitable for vegans and those on raw food diets.  It also makes them fabulous for us everyday chocoholics as it is a slightly healthier alternative!  Location: 66 Wale Street.  Note if you are a group of friends you can book to do a truffle making workshop with the guys.  The back area at 66 Wale is going to be cleared as they are moving their kitchen to Woodstock due to space restrictions on the present property!  Sounds like a fabulous option to me!

  3. CocoaAfair at the Biscuit Mill, Woodstock Cape Town – Danish Thor and Italian
    Cocoafair chocolates – very well priced artisan chocolate!

    Antonio spotted a gap in the South African market for artisan chocolate at a good price.  South Africa has never been spoilt by having artisan chocolate makers and as such being treated to master chocolate makers who are making chocolate directly from roasted cocoa beans that they import ……..is a wonderful treat!  It is well worth heading up the stairs at the Biscuit Mill to discover this little hidden gem.  All I can say is yummmmmmmmm!