Shelley  joined the Cape Fusion Tours team in January 2017.    She is a Chef and a former restauranteur who knows most people in the industry in Cape Town………..and as such was a great fit to join the Cape Fusion Tours team as a foodie guide!

Here is Shelley’s story:

My love affair with food began when I was 12 yrs old. I always used to help my granny in the kitchen but it was when I met my Home Economics teacher in high school that my food affair was confirmed. She inspired me so much that I studied to become a Home Economics teacher too.

I taught in London for 3 years and upon returning home, decided to further my career in the food industry. I studied further and ended up working in the hospitality industry in Mallorca, Spain for several years.

I settled back in Cape Town and opened a restaurant on the trendy Kloof Street which I had for 6 years. I was renowned for my baking skills and had a reputation for the best baked delights in town! I decided to sell after spending just too many hours in the kitchen and not experiencing life.

Pam suggested that I do the tourism course as I have a love for people, food & wine and my city.  I am so glad that I walked down this path as it encompasses all my passions and I want to celebrate what our city and country has on offer. I love being part of the rainbow nation and want to showcase our different cultures and cuisines and my curious personality allows just that, to delve deeper into our history and discover all that is happening in and around the city.

I feel proud being part of this wonderful city of ours which is so creative not only in the arts and crafts but being a renowned foodie haven and having your finger on the pulse at all times…and this is what motivates me as I want to showcase and celebrate her and all her people to the visitors of the Mother City who should come explore with us and create memorable experiences.

We love having Shelley as part of the team.    Shelley loves people.   She loves meeting them, getting to know them and photographing them!  She brings all her passion and her endless energy with her to the tours.   Be prepared to meet everyone in the city from the car guards through to the baristas.   With her you will meet the real people of Cape Town and hear their stories.

Follow Shelley on Instagram on her Faces of Cape Town page and on her ChinaBru Account