Cost of Tours

Please simply send me an e-mail so that I can give you the cost of the tours –  please mention how many people for the tour and the dates for the tours – this way I can give you the cost and also check availability at the same time.  Apologies for the hassle – but each tour varies so much in terms of the number of people, what vehicle I have to use etc!  If you are a local and don’t want to do a full tour with the history, please simply let me know and I will quote you accordingly just for the cooking!   Click here to go to my contact page.

Thank you!   I look forward to meeting you in the Cape!

A toast to the end of a great summer in Cape Town!!

4 Responses to Cost of Tours

  1. Joylene says:

    Please email me a pricelist of all your cooking class tours.

    • Hi Joylene. Thanks for your comment! Please can you e-mail me on the number of people who are keen to do the cooking – as they are private tours, the price changes for each. Are you local? Ie do you need transport and would you like to build a tour into the rest of the day. Which classes are you keen on? The more information you can give me – the more information I can send back to you. Many thanks Pam

  2. wajahat says:

    Hi, please share the cost of whale watching tour for 2 persons on coming Monday.
    Should include transfer + whale watching trip.
    I am staying in Cape Town Lodge Hotel.


    • Hi Wajahat

      Thanks for your message. We are unfortunately fully booked. I would however not recommend doing a whale your at the moment as the whales have left early this year. As such there is very little to see in Hermanus. In addition school holidays have started and Hermanus is really busy. With regards Pam

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