Sea Point Eats – a Cape Town food tour of a local “hood”

Sea Point Eats – a Cape Town food tour of a local “hood”


Join us on a Cape Town Food Tour that explores a favourite local Cape Town neighbourhood – Sea Point.

We explore some of our local traditional foods as well as a few of the  artisan offerings of the Sea Point on our Sea Point Eats Tour.

The Sea Point residential area dates back to the 1800’s.     Sea Point was greatly influenced by Victorian England where seaside bathing became popular in 1800.    The area was established as a seaside vacation resort in 1880 with a number of bathing, seaside pools and tidal pools popping up around the suburb.  In its heyday it was one of the smartest neighbourhoods – it became it was where my granny went for dinner dances!   It was also always the heart and home of Cape Town’s Jewish community.

During the late 80’s many people left South Africa – many South Africans were afraid that civil war was coming to South Africa -others had had enough of living in such an oppressive society and fled in search of  more egalitarian countries where they could raise their kids in a free society.      The exit led to the properties in Sea Point (and the city) becoming run down and grungy.  Rents were low.

In order to “win” back the neighbourhood – businesses in the community have teamed up with the city to form a city improvement district (CID).   This has led to a revival and investment has poured back into the “hood”.    As such there is a wonderful combo of small artisan incomers with quirky dining offers – new smart hotels – shopping centres – grit of the older buildings with the older tenants that range from Asian eateries to Nigerian pool halls – with some Kosher options in between!

The regeneration and rejuvenation of this area makes it a really fun region to explore traditional local flavours,  to reflect on our immigrant populations and their cuisine and to explore some of the local foodie artisan offerings on offer!

Could these be the best bagels in Cape Town? Come and taste with us and let us know your thoughts!
For those with a bit of a sweet tooth – there are lots of options during the day!   Try the Rugela here!

Stroll through Seapoint and stop to nibble, chat, explore and shop!

Old fashioned butchery for a taste of free range grass fed biltong and droe wors from Selvin & his team

Never fear vegetarians – if you are a mixed group – half can try biltong and the others can try some African chocolate at this stop.   If you slant more towards vegetarian as a group – we will pop in for a delicious raw food snack instead!

Fabulous chocolatier – time for a sweet snack or two!

Authentic Durban Indian mini bunny chows! Durban is famous for its spicy curry.

Naturally you are at the seaside – so fish needs to be a part of the foods you taste!   In Cape Town some of our traditional fish dishes are  – smoked snoek,  smoked snoek pate and pickled fish.   We stop to try these dishes as well as their biltong made from tuna!

Our next stop has some hard choices – we need to chose between:

Mussels – local and from our West Coast or a fabulous chicken prego or Merle’s chicken Schnitz!   If we are a group of more than 4 we shall simply order all three to share!

Fresh West Coast Mussels with vetkoek (a traditional locally made fried bread)
Chicken Prego – brought into SA by the Mozambicans settling here as well as Portuguese immigrants to SA. Homemade fresh prego sauce. Delicious!!!
Yarron’s mom’s famous chicken Schnitz recipe!! Follow Yarron on insta – he has a tribal following for his Schnitz!
We stop along the way to shop – that way we can see the Cape artisan goods – from jewellery through to the locally made “takkies” above
Local Jewellery Designer – Black Betty – Famous for bespoke design & piercing!

Carnifleurs Shopping seapoint

Our next stop if to Taste a few South African treats!

Sampling a variety of local South African dishes as we go – Friakkadels with chakalaka & pap, snoek samosa and malva pudding with custard

By now we may need a walk around the block to digest!!  Lets head down towards the sea and pass one of the local synagogues to digest!

Next we stop to check out a unique cafe called Coco Safar.    They are the only Rooibos microbrewery in Africa.   Here we taste their brewed Rooibos drinks as well as sampling their organic rooibos tea & coffee pods (all pods are fully biodegradable).  Rooibos is a regional tea product grown only in the Western Cape from indigenous plants that are only grown up the west coast of the Cape.

Rooibos tea tasting

Time & Appetite Dependent: Our last stop is a plant based vegan spot that offers wonderfully freshly pressed juices and a wonderful vegan burger.   This is owned by an inspirational couple who started out serving their delicious offerings at Cape Town’s markets.   They now have their first “restaurant” – which is literally a wonderful hole in the wall at the end of Sea Point.   Here they are growing their own sprouts and micro greens.

(This stop is time and appetite dependent! It will be a definite stop if we have vegetarians on tour!)

A ray of sunshine in her vegan cafe!
The vegan burger!


Duration:   11am to 4 pm

Private Tours:  Monday to Friday.

Cost:   The price of our private tour is dependent on the number of people on the tour.  Please contact us to check our availability and the price of the tour.

Scheduled tour:  Launching September 2020- maximum 12 people

Information we require:

  1. Names of all those joining us for the tour
  2. Where you are staying in Cape Town
  3. A contact number
  4. Dietary requirements.

We look forward to offering you a taste of one of our favourite foodie neighbourhoods in Cape Town!!!