Choose South Africa & Cape Town as your next travel destination!

Choose South Africa & Cape Town as your next travel destination!

All of us are trapped at home at the moment.  We are living in an unreal world where nothing seems normal.   And we are all longing for the same thing.  To escape  and to explore the world again.   We are longing for the wild outdoors, and even for the not so wild,  we want to be able to feel that we are in nature.   We simply want open spaces and sky.   I love the new hashtag people are using at the moment #dreamnowtravellater  I want the later to be now.  I want to be sitting on top of a mountain with a glass of wine, perfect blue skies, trees below me and sunshine on my skin.

Cape Fusion Tours
The view from Delaire on a Cape Wine Tour.   Tour Guide Pam in her Shwe Shwe skirt!   No glass of wine in hands as I was on tour!

In many ways South Africa is the perfect travel destination for 2021.   We have endless space in our country.  Our safari experiences allow you to truly be away from humanity and to immerse yourself in nature.    Most visitors to our country combine a Safari Experience with a visit to Cape Town.

The view of Table Mountain from Signal Hill walkway

Cape Town is my hometown.  My touring company has specialized in tours of the Cape since 2003.   We offer private tours of the Cape region.  Our aim has always been to show you why we love every second of living here.

Peninsula meander tour -The view from Chapman’s Peak on a cloudy day

We want to share who we are and our history.   We offer you the opportunity to climb under the skin of the destination and to dig deeper.    Part of understanding a destination is getting an idea of who the people are,  exploring their culture and their cuisine.   We offer two food tours where you get to dig a little deeper into who we are.   Our Cape Town Eats City Walking tour is an essential introduction to the Cape on your first visit.   This tour allows you to literally taste who we are as a city.    It is a walking tour and we explore most of the city and chat as we go along.

Wardia is from our Cape Malay community and makes her samosas and koesisters from scratch every day.

We are obsessed with the beauty of our where we live.  Table Mountain is our backdrop and the canvas behind our lives.  The Cape has endless coastline offering wonderful views of the sea and the cliffs as you meander along the coastline.   45 minutes away from the city you have a mountainous area known as Stellenbosch.   This region is also one of the most famous wine regions in the country, is home to many of our top restaurants and dates back to the late 1600’s.   Mountainous farmlands with abundant space.   I cannot wait to go for long walks on wine estates.  (I am not a hiking guide!   I wish to meander through the vines!   Perhaps even stop and dance with headphones among the vines at Black Elephant Vineyards!)

Meerlust Winery dates back to the late 1600's

We have never had mass tourism in our country.  Next year we know the travel season will be quieter.   This will mean a year where one gets the best service ever as everyone will roll out the red carpet for any visitor!

We look forward to welcoming you back to our beautiful South Africa.   I hope my visuals have made you start dreaming about visiting us!   Come visit us and let us show you our version of the Cape Town we love.

Camps Bay at Twilight!
Visiting Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens to check out Protea flowers
Visiting the penguins at Boulders Beach on the Cape Peninsula Tour
Delays on a Peninsula tour due to a Chacma Baboon on the window!