Cape Town Dining – 2019 food trends – Trend 1 – Interactive & Personalized dining

Cape Town Dining – 2019 food trends – Trend 1 – Interactive & Personalized dining

There are a couple of food trends that Cape Town is following this year.     This blog is going to explore Trend 1 –

The rise in demand for more interactive, personalized and meaningful dining experiences.

I am tired of the anonymous experience of entering a restaurant and leaving without knowing much about the place, the food or the chef.

Often without a good server the food is also left to speak for itself.   Somehow a story adds hugely to the experience – it adds to the journey and the taste experience.   Somehow to me it adds texture and meaning and leaves my palate more fulfilled!

Interactive & Personalized Dining ……………..some ideas to inspire you to try something different in Cape Town:


This is the wonderful opportunity to have a talented and creative Greek South African cook you lunch or dinner in an artists studio in Woodstock, Cape Town.    The studio is the sculpture studio for the talented team of Bronze Age.  Maia is a wonderfully creative cook and  a really warm and welcoming hostess.    She can cater for small groups from 10 to 40.   This would be a magical space for a birthday party – check out her website.  She can also organize for you to meet some of the artists in the neighbourhood as well as offering the opportunity to meet and watch the artists at Bronze Age – her husband is Otto – the artist behind Bronze Age.  Her website reflects her magical creativity.

Have Dinner in an Art Collectors Home – an evening with the fabulous Penny Dobbie in Tamboerskloof

Penny is a wonderful art lover.  Her home is a gallery and nearly every inch of it is covered with art.   Every piece has a story and a tour of her home is an absolute treat!    Dinner is served in a wonderful outside courtyard.  The dishes are wonderfully retro and colourful with many of the dishes served in her Ardmore Ceramic collection – so do not drop a dish or dinner will be rather pricey!   Penny’s friend Ann assists her with the evenings.   Ann is a photographer and retired cat breeder.   Both are wonderfully bright creative hostesses.   I absolutely loved every second of my visit for dinner.   So gather some friends and book!  You need a minimum of 6 people to book and a maximum of 8!    To book get hold of Penny through her facebook or email  deanrius@mweb.co.za

Penny’s lounge
Penny giving us the tour of the local art in her home – and telling us the stories behind each piece!
Ann the hired help – and the official photographer of the evening!

Chefs Table Cape Town

Chefs Table Cape Town – open plan kitchen with shared dining table that can seat 16 people

An evening with Chef Santi in his home is a wonderful experience for any foodie!   Here he has an open plan kitchen and you gather around him to hear what the plan is for the evening.   With each course that comes out he tells you the story behind each dish.    He is open for bookings on a Wednesday and a Thursday night.   This is great fun as you share the table with other foodies who have gathered for the evening…….many of whom are visiting from all over the world.    Check out his website and my blog on the first time I went to experience the shared table.   Below are some of my pictures from my recent visit to Chef Santis Chef Table.

Chef Santi at work

Reverie Social Table 

Chef Julia has a wonderful restaurant that simply has one table!   The table seats about 20 people and you simply book a space for a 5 course dinner paired with wine.    Chef Julia introduces each course and you watch her plate each course that comes out.   She is a wonderful young chef and a visit to her lovely social table is always a foodie special treat!   I love her passion and her wonderful Reverie Social Table is always a fabulous foodie treat.    To book and to find out more – check out her website and read my blog from when she launched!   It is located in the fringe area of Salt River which is not far from the city centre – about 15 – 20 minutes from the centre by taxi.   She is open Tuesday to Saturday for dinner.  Some pics below of our recent visit to Reverie.

Chef Julia – Chef and owner of the Reverie Social Table
Each course is carefully paired with a glass of wine. This evening showcased the wine from Kaapzicht Wine Estate in Stellenbosch

Crofters Kitchen  – lunch with a Chef in her home in Noordhoek (Peninsula region of Cape Town)

Chef Nicky Gibbs has a wonderful home on the peninsula of Cape Town.    I would recommend combining a lunch booking at Crofters Kitchen with doing a day of exploring around the peninsula………………try to plan all the exploring for the morning – eg a walk at Cape Point and a visit to the penguin colony – and then one glides into Chef Nicky’s home to simply relax and chat to her about her food for the rest of the afternoon.   This is my idea of a perfect afternoon spent in the Cape.    She is open for bookings from Monday – Friday for lunch.   Her offering is  5 courses paired with 5 teas – if you would prefer wine – simply bring your own – the pairing recommendation is rose!    To read more – check out my blog on Crofters.

Chef Nicky in her kitchen

I hope this inspires you to go and meet a few wonderful people in our city!

Have fun out there!