Cape Fusion Tours is my company.  It was born 17 years ago with the intention of venturing into a career that would incorporate all of my passions in life.  These include Cape Town, travel, people, digging deeper into cultures, exploring, food & wine.

My answer was to a launch a tour operating company in Cape Town focusing on exploring the Cape and discovering its culinary gems.  Our aim is to dig deeper and show you who we really are and  to share our love of the Cape.

As a foodie myself I wanted to offer an insight into our world by offering a fellow foodie the opportunity to experience our way of life.

I truly believed that there was very little chance that this little business could work as a long term career and that at some point I would need to return to the corporate world.   Seventeen years on we have grown into a little family of like minded people and our guiding team grew.


Over the lockdown period we were unable to operate.   As my love in life is food I set my heart and mind to try and support as many of Cape’s foodie artisans as I could.

My first initiative was to create a website – www.capetowneats.com to support our artisans and lock down initiatives.    This website caused me grey hair – with no funds to support it I had to rise up and figure out how to overcome setting it up!   It is now turning into a great resource to find everything from locally made cupcakes through to local charcuterie options.

The next step was to create a food support group on Facebook to bring the Cape Town Food community together to support and share information on what everyone was offering during lockdown.   This group has grown rapidly over this period and has really left a footprint among our local foodie businesses and start-ups.    I believe it will continue to be a great platform for sharing everything wonderful in our Cape food world.

Please join our Cape Town Eats Facebook community.

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