Some Quirky, Some Fun and some Favourite Local Cape Town Restaurants

Some Quirky, Some Fun and some Favourite Local Cape Town Restaurants

Check out my list below to discover some of our favourite quirky & fun local Cape Town Restaurants.  I decided to separate these restaurants from my main list for those who are looking for something a little bit more fun than a fine dining establishment – and Cape Town has loads of quirky, fun and eclectic restaurants!

Note that the quirky “hoods” are in flux.    Covid has also taken its toll on many of the small guys and it is going to be hard to keep the website up to date due to closures.

The rentals in the Bree street area have led to many casualties.   The landlords were not willing to assist with reduced rentals over the lockdown period.   Due to less people going in to work in the city – times have been extremely tough for restaurants in our city bowl area.     Kloof Street and Kloof Nek (Publik, Kloof Street House) seem to have weathered the storm quite well.   There are lots of fabulous spots for eating and drinkingWoodstock & Salt River were hard hit by the pandemic as many of the renters were young and moved out of the area during this period.     Church Square in Cape Town established itself as a new hood – however has had some closures and some new openings.   The Eastside district of Cape Town is still a great little hub of interesting eateries. (Truth/Harringtons/Belly of the Beast/The Electric/New York Bagels) and now Salt River (Salt Circle – Table 7 & Food Jamming), Reverie Social Table.