Quirky & Fun Restaurants in De Waterkant / Greenpoint / Seapoint & through to Camps Bay

Quirky & Fun Restaurants in De Waterkant / Greenpoint / Seapoint & through to Camps Bay

Some of our recommendations for local quirky & fun Cape Town restaurants in De Waterkant, Greenpoint, Seapoint and through to Camps Bay:

De Waterkant

Shio Contemporary Japanese

Chef Cheyne Morrisby – is an amazingly talented chef. He owns Cheynne’s in Hout Bay. At Shio – expect funky contemporary decor and a rocking your taste bud experience. He calls his offering at  Shio –  Modern Japanese cuisine. Expect lots of bold flavours and spices. Try to share as many dishes as possible.  Shio is a wonderfully intimate spot for dinner – it is small & vibey with great decor and great dishes – which make you want to lick the plates.   I love Asian inspired dishes.   I would highly recommend this spot for anyone who enjoys Asian inspired dishes

The Piano Bar

Is a wonderful jazz bar where you can book to go for jazz and dinner.   This is a great vibey little spot in De Waterkant.  The building has a wrap around balcony that is great for drinks anytime.   Check out their line up and make sure you book here if you enjoy jazz!    I love this area  – and Piano Bar really gives you a wonderful introduction to De Waterkant as it is located in the heart of the “hood”.

Riva Italian Fish Restaurant

Riva is a new Italian fish restaurant in De Waterkant.   I love the decor – it is warm and welcoming……as are the Italian Chefs.   This is a joint venture being opened by the owner of True Italic (one of Cape Town’s favourite Italian Restaurants) – and a team of Italian chef friends.  Their description: “‘Two Italian chef’s & friends bring to Cape Town the flair of true Italian fish dishes.  From classic to modern & innovative plates that will just make you scream…Mamma Mia!!’

We enjoyed a Burrata to start, then shared a variety of pasta and gnocchi dishes – all of which were wonderful.   We also shared a fish platter – this we found to be quite pricey for what was offered.   Our welcome to Riva was wonderfully warm.    We had friendly service,  met the chefs and had a lovely evening.        Location – 4 Napier Street, De Waterkant.   Book on Facebook messenger – they are super fast responders, call  021 418 0657,or email –  rivacapetown@gmail.com  Open Monday nights.


The Strangers Club

Is my new favourite healthy retreat.   I love the energy here.  It has the most amazing energy.   It is outdoors – and we have a scarcity of outdoor spots that are not on a road.   This one is located in a suburb – in what looks like an old house that has been converted into an African Art and Curio shop on one side,  on the other side it is a tranquil health food almost Zen like restaurant and courtyard to relax in.  You can have everything from fresh juices to ginger shots, salads, yummy parma ham toasties, great coffee, turmeric lattes……….and great wifi.   You can meet in the courtyard to relax with friends or to do a few hours work or to have a meeting.   This is my new office.   I love it.   Note that there is also a wonderful store at the back with locally designed clothes, jewellery and odds and ends.  It is gorgeous.   Location  –  on the edge of the city in Greenpoint.

Jason Bakery

Jason – the legendary baker has opened a second bakery (the original is on Bree Street).   This one is where he is now doing his baking.  It is open for breakfast, lunch, coffees and pastries all day.   On a Saturday he is open for breakfast.  This is also a great spot to buy artisan breads and croissants.  83 Main Road Greenpoint


This is Cape Town’s best deli. It is owned by an Italian family and they make most things on site and serve them fresh. This is a local favourite for coffee and pastries in the morning and a deli style lunch. It is also one of the best spots to stock up with goodies from all over the world to pop in your fridge! They also prepare a lot of hot and cold dishes that you can buy to take home for lunch or dinner.    Pricey, but amazing! Worth every cent! Highly recommended deli.Legendary among Cape Town’s foodie community!

El Buro 

This one is fun!!  It is Mexican with fun cocktails.  It is well priced and vibey! It is best to make a booking for the Greenpoint El Buro as it is popular. It is a winning formula of fun, vibey, well priced,  good food………..so it is usually full! We love their “taqueria” above the city.   Great for tacos after or before drinking.  The Tacqueria does not take bookings!

Sea Point:

Coco Safar

This is a wonderful concept cafe with lots of elements to explore – which makes it a fun stop! If you have sweet tooth – they have great pastries here. They are also roasting their own coffee and making bio degradable pods for your nespresso that you can take home. It is also great fun to stop for a rooibos tea beverage tasting. They are making their own fermented rooibos tea drink. A visit to the tea counter to do a tasting is great fun and very educational (The tasting experience is free). The cafe has wonderfully opulent decor, making it feel like you have visited a special spot for your pastry and tea – or breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Sans Community

This is not a restaurant – but it is an amazing place for foodies to visit – and as such I am putting it in here!   This is a shop in the same shopping centre as Coco Safar and should be visited at the same time.    They have the best sour dough bread available in the Sea Point – so stop and shop for bread and organic items here.   This is a conscious living concept store.   It is also a design store.   It is quite simply one of the most beautiful places to shop in the city.   I wish I had an unlimited budget and could buy most of the items in there – from the decor to most of the food items!    

Beetbox Juice & Smoothie Bar

A wonderful hole in the wall juice bar to get your vitamin injection for the day!   I love that you can see all the fresh produce up close – you know it is all wonderfully fresh.    Find them at 30 Regent Rd in Sea Point 

The Shop

 The Shop do real food – real portions and don’t overcomplicate things – what a unique proposition!  It is owned and run by a husband and wife team.   I love their summary on their website:   “We met at cooking school, 9 years later we got married.   We have both worked abroad, in restaurants and on the yachts- and now we have THE SHOP.
Our food, is simple, tasty and uncomplicated.    We feel very strongly about where our food comes from choosing free range, green listed and sustainable produce where possible.
On our menu you will find meat, fish and vegetarian options – a space for everyone.”   

We went to try them out.   What a lovely warm couple – I can see them becoming the 2nd home to many Seapoint families who don’t feel like cooking.  It matched all my expectations based on my research above.   The food was good and wholesome.   I was blown away by the warm welcome we got and their passion for what they are doing.   This spot has a lovely relaxed vibe.   It feels like you are in a home.   The food is accessible and it is like having a foodie friend as a chef and he has cooked dinner for you. This is a great spot to catch up with a group of friends!   Seapoint hood.

Kudu carpaccio with pinenuts and carrot puree – it was delicious!

Avron’s Place

Is owned by the wonderfully warm and hospitable host Avron.   He is always on site to greet every visitor to his restaurant.   Avron’s is fully Kosher.   It is an institution in Cape Town – I must find out how many years it has been there!   This spot feels more like coming home than going to a restaurant.   Avron knows all of his regulars and is always curious to find out who sent you!    Expect a wonderful warm welcome and introduction to his “home”.  Note that Avron’s also does catering on request. 19 Regent Road Sea Point

Goldies Deli

Goldies has also been around since 1992 in Sea Point. Sea Point is the heart of Cape Town’s Jewish Community.  Goldies is a Kosher deli and was an eatery as well.   They have recently had a wonderful revamp and have split themselves into Goldies Deli and a spot called the Press has opened next door. The new decor is wonderful in both! It now looks like a welcoming contemporary deli with a Jewish cuisine inspired contemporary restaurant next door. Lots of love has gone into the Deli and the range of products on offer is great – from baked goods through to fresh and tinned products. Note Goldies does catering on request and can also provide picnic baskets.

Goldies is a great spot to stock up on Kosher products – from wine to chicken stock through to bread and baked goods

The Press Bar & Grill

Great decor &  good looking menu with delicious sounding options.   They are definitely using Kosher meat ……………..and are running a fully kosher kitchen!   This one is high on my list to try out next.   Their menu looks great!!  (They are owned by Goldies –  Cape Town’s oldest Kosher deli!)

Mojo Market

This is a fun and vibey permanent collective food and shopping market that is open 7 days a week in Seapoint. It is well worth popping in for a well priced lunch or dinner. Cleverly they have done a bar in the middle of the market which creates a fab vibe. They often have live music here at night and on the weekends.   I am in love with oyster and mussels guys.  Pictured below are the mussels served with mini vetkoek (a local traditional bread that is deep fried)

Three Wise Monkeys

Funky little ramen and sushi restaurant – very vibey – and takes no bookings.

Sundoo Indian Tapas Bar

Fun Indian tapas restaurant with a great vibe.   I loved everything on the starter menu – so head there for drinks with friends and order an assortment.   Loved their mini bunny chows.   77 Regent Rd

For those with a sweet tooth – there are two gems on the strip – Crumbs and Cream (home of the cookie sandwich!) & My Sugar (insanely passionate chefs behind this one – a must visit for everything from chocolates to coffee to the best milkshakes in Cape Town)

My Sugar!


Is one of my favourite spots in Cape Town for breakfast and lunch and anything in between.   They have wonderful breakfast creations and one of the best eggs Benedict’s in Cape Town.   It is always good.  Bistro in style it is tucked away a little off the street in an indoor courtyard.   On weekends it is massively popular – expect a queue for tables.   Everything is good on the menu and they are wonderfully flexible – so you can take even your fussiest friend here ………..it is never a problem to add or change anything on the menu. 

La Boheme

Great spot for dinner in Seapoint. It is a bistro with tables on the pavement. The menu is on a black board – bistro style – approachable delicious good food!   They have a GREAT wine list.  This is an unassuming spot that always delivers delicious food.  An absolute favourite of mine!


Considered by many to have some of the best pizza’s in Cape Town.   This spot is always busy and has a wonderful outside section for warm summer evenings.


Named after the dynamic and legendary Gonçalves brothers, Naldo and Victor, who have been in the restaurant industry for more than 30 years!    They owned a wonderful group of restaurants called Villamora – which were the best seafood restaurants in the country.   This restaurant has an odd location – inside a mall – hidden upstairs – it has odd decor – odd high ceilings – and is always packed.   The reason is the food.   They are one of the best for seafood in Cape Town……….and really great meat dishes.  I would highly recommend them!

Mykonos – Greek

Always a favourite.   Great for sitting outside.   Really good Greek food.  Great vibe. Friendly service. A local favourite.   Best to book in summer and from Thursday to Saturday night year round.

La Mouette

This a wonderful setting in an old house on the main road.   It has character!  The main focus is tasting menus and the Chef has always offered a wonderfully well priced tasting menu.   This makes a tasting journey accessible and means that it is loved by the locals as well as the foreign visitors.   (Note the Chef/Owner – has now done a joint venture with his talented head Chef to start up Upper Bloem in Greenpoint.)


A wonderful celebration of Jewish cuisine – great for bagels,  great for schmears, great for breakfast and lunch. A lovely passionate hole in the wall. A wonderfully passionate artisanal spot. I love heading there to people watch as well!   They have just moved across the road to wonderful new premises.  The new venue is great – it has sky lights and it is wonderfully open and inviting.  The bagels are now made on site.   Highly recommended.     Delicious and well priced!

Amazing bagels – made on site!!!

En Route to Camps Bay –

The Lawns at The Round House

This is the re-invented and relaunched spot that has replaced the Round House Rumbullion Lawns.   Rugby legend Ray Mordt is the new owner of the Roundhouse property.    Luke Dale Roberts now runs the actual historic building as “Salsify at the Roundhouse”.  Ray maintains the outdoor “Lawns” space.    This is an outdoor restaurant located in a nature reserve – with sweeping views of Camps Bay and the 12 Apostles (side view of table mountain).   When the weather is perfect there can be no nicer spot to sit in the world.   They are open for breakfast, lunch, sundowners and for an early dinner.   They have revamped the tables, put down an artificial lawn on the one level – which looks great – added cute huts to serve the drinks.   We ordered pizzas – which were great.  The menu has expanded and has everything from a whole chicken to snack on through to ribs!    Book this for sundowners to meet up with friends at 17h30 and stay to watch the sunset!  Note they close at about 8pm.   This is an early evening spot! Note to make a back up plan for the day as this spot is 100% outdoors – so it is weather dependent.   I would highly recommend a visit – this spot has one of the most beautiful views in Cape Town.  I have had my birthday here two years in a row.  One with perfect weather and one with lots of wind!  It is worth the gamble!