Quirky & Fun Restaurants Top of the City & Church Square

Quirky & Fun Restaurants Top of the City & Church Square

Restaurants at Top of Cape Town city/Church Square hub:

The area at the top of the city and behind the Groote Kerk are new regeneration hubs in the city.   Both started bubbling with  restaurant openings in 2019 – however it looks like the developments around Church Square have stalled with the recession.   Fyn – a fantastic fine dining restaurant opened in the Church Square hood and will remain a big drawcard to the area.

Hokey Poke

Picking up on the trend for Poke bowls abroad – this hole in the wall spot launched on a side street in town.  Worth scouting if you enjoy Poke bowls! Note we loved it – it made me feel like an angel – only putting goodness in my body!  Ps combine it with a Ka Pa Tee after having lunch here! 1 Church Street, Cape Town City Centre.

Free From Eatery

This little gem can be found at the top of St George’s Mall near St George’s cathedral.   It is the first restaurant of Chef Miles from Natal.   He is doing fun breakfast options and focusing on doing a harvest table for lunch that one can chose from – a variety of salads and a meat or fish of the day.   The focus is on freshness and food that is free from any additives.  His aim is to build up people from his community in his kitchen and the front of house.     We loved our visit to Free From for breakfast   Chef Miles is hands on and a wonderfully welcoming host!  Expect 100 degrees of passion!

Ka Pa Tee

Sadly closed down

Church Square Area Cape Town

About 10 years ago the city started regenerating.   The regeneration spread from Bree Street and has slowly moved across the city.  The two newest hubs for regeneration projects has been Church Square (the square behind the Groote Kerk) and The Eastside Hood (Buitenkant/Harrington Street)  Over the last year Church Square has been renovated and a whole lot of new businesses have opened here.


There seems to be a trend towards the Seapoint restaurants opening a second branch in town – first Jarryd’s opened just off Heritage Square and now a small Kleinsky’s has opened.   This spot celebrates the owners Jewish heritage with contemporary Jewish inspired delicious items.   Small and fabulous little spot for breakfasts and lunches.  Expect bagels, great schmears, salads and some great sweet items like NY Cheesecake.


Check out my new restaurant section to read more about this fantastic new fine dining restaurant located in the heart of the city.   This is the most exciting new fine dining restaurant opening of the year in Cape Town.   They literally constructed a double story glass cube on top of an old building in the city.   Expect sweeping views, gorgeous design and one of Cape Town’s top chefs – Peter Templehoff.   Also read this wonderful article written for the Daily Maverick by Christi Nortier. (Fine dining – It is only included here so that you can understand the dramatic change to this once run down square…… lots of places are opening around the square – from bagels – to fine dining – to coffee places – shared work spaces & a bakery)