New Restaurants in Cape Town

New Restaurants in Cape Town

The Bailey

Open Mon – Saturday.   Closed on a Sunday

This is the newest venture of Cape Town’s rock star chef Liam Tomlin.  Liam & his wife Jan are  in a joint venture with the owners of Tintswalo Atlantic.   He has closed down his city restaurant that was called The Chefs Warehouse & Canteen and moved across the road in Bree Street.    There are three offerings in this gorgeous old building.   The ground floor is a The Bailey Cafe and is open for breakfast, lunch, coffee, pastries and high teas.   The Bailey Brasserie is smarter on the middle floor and reminiscent of an interactive old worldish French style eaterie.   On the top floor is a fun swanky whiskey bar called The Old Bailey.   This has the feel of a good old fashioned membership club.   Dress up for the middle and top floors!

Chef Liam Tomlin at the Bailey Cafe
Jan Tomlin in front of the glam new addition to Bree Street – The Bailey!

Great spot to meet friends for breakfast in the city! The Bailey Cafe in Bree Street

Cafe Noir

Open at night Thursday to Saturday from 6pm.  Opened end March 22.

This is a sexy new eatery & cocktail bar that take over the space at  Origin Coffee Roasting in De Waterkant and it turns in to Cafe Noir.   It is a great combo of a great mixologist (Nicholas Crouse) & a talented chef (Aya Matomela).
Here you will find some of the best cocktails in Cape Town.  No shortcuts are taken. He spends hours making his syrups & prepping.  He takes his craft seriously!   The cocktails are perfectly balanced and none of them are too sweet.  The flavours were intriguing. He is a passionate alchemist.  His clear Pina colada blew me away.
The FOOD is brought to you by the talented Chef Ayanda Aya Matomela. The menu is clever and meant to compliment the cocktails. You can pop in for a drink after work and simply have a small plate snack.  Or you can stay and nibble on an assortment of small plates for dinner or you can order a big plate meant for two to share.  I love that Chef Aya is playing with local ingredients and bringing his African heritage in to the offerings. Plates range from confit duck through to Samp & Beans Croquettes! An intriguing menu that makes you want to sample everything on it. Each dish is beautifully presented and packed with flavour. A talented young man!!!
I was blown away.
Venue – Origin is gorgeous at night. It is a beautiful venue to chill and relax in the evening. The combo of great drinks and delicious food is going to be a big draw card. Not many venues pull off both! Any foodie would be in their happy space here. It is vibey and fun. Note you can also order wine or beer.
Location:   28 Hudson Street De Waterkant.    Contact Origin Coffee to book.

The chef brings in his childhood flavours into the dishes.


ëlgr literally blew my socks off.   Trust me and book immediately.  This was my best dining experience in the last year. I would go as far as to say that they are now my top restaurant in the Cape.
Firstly the decor – super stylish. I am pleased I dusted off the heels and dressed up a little for this one!
Secondly – the most beautiful large back courtyard – tranquil and also super stylish – with the chefs making pizzas in the outside oven – and the bar.
Thirdly – super attentive warm service from our waiter and the manager. ëlgr works on a flat management system where everyone earns a salary and has equal status. All tips are pooled and go straight to the staff. They work as a team and it shows in everything they do.
Fourthly the food and the menu.
The menu is meant for small plate dining and sharing. It is brilliant as it is well priced and accessible. You can come for a glass of wine, a salad and a charcuterie plate to share or you can chose to share a whole array of dishes to get the flavours, or you could have a pizza and a beer or you can do the Chefs tasting menu where he simply sends dishes out for R395 per person. This spot works for all budgets.
An incredible flavour journey.
The dishes were a true celebration of summer. How wonderful to have cold dishes on a summers night.
We started with the watermelon. It was the perfect start. The watermelon was cut in cubes with chilli and lime salt added. It awoke all my senses. Cleared the palate and blew me away with its simplicity and deliciousness. This course we combined with the lardo and anchovy toast. Rich and delicious it was the perfect combo with the watermelon as it cut through the richness.
Next course we did the fennel salad and the beetroot salad. The fennel salad was delicate and fresh, while the beetroot salad punched with flavours. The beetroot salad was one of the most delicious salads I have ever eaten. It combined curry and cashew nuts with coriander. I scraped the dish for every last morsel of this dish.
We then had the white pizza. We had been watching the chefs all night making them in the courtyard and cooking them in the wood burning oven. We saw the incredible looking pizzas pass our tables.
The pizza has chipotle, corn, jalapeño and coppa. It was perfection. Light, slightly chewy and once again zinging with flavour. These chefs like chilli – but it is perfectly balanced to enhance the other flavours with each dish.
We ended off with the Paris Breast and the chocolate sorbet. Perfect pastry and not too sweet. The vegan chocolate sorbet blew my socks off. It was incredible and was served with a little salt on top.
We were lucky enough to have a chat with Chef Jesper at the end of the meal. Jesper came to South Africa with his family when he finished school in Sweden. They moved to Franschhoek. He studied to be a chef in the Cape Winelands and worked as a chef in the Cape for quite a few years before heading back to Sweden for two years with his partner. They moved to Malmö. Malmö has a 50 percent immigrant population and a large Turkish community. Jesper is inspired by the flavours of the food that he ate in Malmö as well as the food he has experienced on his travels. He does not follow rules and simply plays with the flavours that have inspired him on his journey.
Man oh man do I love this man’s flavours.
As you can tell by the review – I got so excited by our dinner that we arrived at 06h30 and exited at 10pm.
Find them on Kloof street next door to Yours Truly. They took the place of Janse & Co. Book in advance to make sure you get space in the courtyard.

The Beet salad with curry, cashews & corriander
Lardo anchovy toast!
Chef Jesper
The white pizza!
Sitting outside in the courtyard enjoying our Caprese Salad and ravioli by talented Chef Marco from LOCAL



Opened their doors:  Mid-December 2020.   Open during the day on weekends

Makers Landing is the perfect market to head to if you want to try truly local South African flavours.   This market celebrates our fresh produce, tip to tail dining and all of the best of our local flavours.

Here you can try many of our local specialities that are hard to track down in one place:   African Food in its traditional and contemporary form (pap/samp & beans, chakalaka, great meat stews etc), Koesisters, Koeksisters, frikkadels,  local curries,  rooibos drinks….. and more!  They have a local brewery on the premises,  a gin distiller, a vegan stand,  an artisan bread bakery,  local cheeses,  local charcuterie,  local vegetables from an incredible community initiative,  locally made chocolates……………..and more!   Their wine offerings support some of our wonderful small winemakers.   Soon a fishmonger will open where you guy buy your fish and have it filleted by one of the local ladies from the Kalk Bay Harbour!  There will be local mussels from the West Coast and the opportunity to try the local fish cooked or to simply take it home.

All of the vendors are small businesses and this market offers them a platform for sales and to expand their businesses.  Many operated from home before.   Some had restaurants that closed during the pandemic and this offers them a platform to relaunch their businesses.

Upstairs  they have an incredible exhibition on what makes up our local dishes.   For anyone interested in food – this is a must do visit.   I loved the exhibition.   It was amazing how many things I did not recognize.   We have such biodiversity in our magical country and many tribes have different dishes that they enjoy.

This market showcases our local cuisine & our local food heroes. Meet Pitso who only started cooking a few years ago. He is an incredible cook. Make sure you stop for a real taste of African cuisine at Pitso’s Kitchen. His cafe is on the outside – as such he is open pretty much daily and is not restricted to Market hours.
Track down Fuzi for the best koesisters (on the right) and combine with a great coffee from Moses who owns Coffee by Moses!
Delicious wings that rock with local flavours. Track down SIDE WINGS.
This was one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten. Track down Frikkadeli to taste local frikkadels (meat balls) in a brioche bun.
Contemporary African cuisine by a top chef. Find a little restaurant at the back called Emazulwini. Chef Mmbatho is adding a modern interpretation of local African flavours. Her food is INCREDIBLE.


This is a great addition to the Bo-Kaap!  I love that they have scattered tables outside everywhere!  Even across the road on the pavement!   This spot is in the heart of the Bo-Kaap as such is offering contemporary cuisine with a Cape Malay flair.    Pop in here for a coffee and a koesister (local doughnut) or to try a local favourite – peri peri chicken livers.  Their menu has a wonderful variety of dishes on offer.   We absolutely LOVED their mango slushi.  Magical on a hot day!   They are proudly Halal.  No alcohol is served.

Find the Bo-Kaap Deli on Rose Street in the heart of the Bo-Kaap
Peri-peri chicken livers – an absolute local favourite
Mango slushi – perfect on a hot day!


Opened end 2020.  

This is truly a family business!  Expect warm country hospitality as the family have moved her from the Winelands to open this business.     Mom will be running the business hands on with her son Ryan.   Their concept is simple – great wine and tapas and offering fresh seasonal Mediterranean style dishes.

Chef Ryan plans to host relaxing  long family lunches on weekends.   You simply arrive relax and settle in for the day!

They are located on the top of Kloof Street (just before Mana Epicure)

They have taken two of the houses –  one house hosts the deli and one house hosts the restaurant.

These are wonderful warm country folk you have opened in the city.   Please support them and welcome them to our hood.

Chef Ryan is wonderfully warm and welcoming.
Delicious tapas! My favourite way of eating


Culture Wine Bar is an awesome addition to Bree Street.  It is the new baby of Chef Matt Manning of Grub & Vine.   Matt Manning is a hugely talented chef and is an inspirational entrepreneur.    Along with Grubb & Vine and the Chefs Studio has has always had a talented sommelier by his side since he launched.   As a result the wine list has always been exceptional at his restaurant.   His relationship with the wine estates led to them running regular wine events at the restaurant and the cooking school.    As such it was a natural evolution to take over the wine bar next door when it closed down.   Decor is super stylish in the Culture Wine Bar.   I love it as it still has a down to earth feel.   The food is “posh” British pub food in style in the wine bar.   Snacks include scotch eggs and pork pies………….definitely a tribute to the Chefs roots!    They also have arancini balls, charcuterie and cheese platters ……and naturally an amazing wine list.     This is a great spot to meet up with a mate for a glass of wine or bubbles and a catch up!   They may be indoors – but note that they have a lovely huge window that allows a great through draft of air!


Peter Tempelhoff’s new restaurant at Buitenverwachting Wine Estate offers an a la carte menu aimed at locals.   Peter is one of the city’s most well known chefs and is the owner of the well regarded Fyn restaurant.   The interior boasts wonderful views of the vines.    They also have a lovely outdoor terrace.

Lovely outdoor terrace


The Stir Crazy Cooking School

The Stir Crazy Cooking School has been around since 2000 offering cooking classes in Hout Bay.   Moreover this led them to establish a training school for those who wished to learn to cook on Super Yachts.  Because this side of their businesses grew in demand they therefore decided to get bigger premises in the V&A Waterfront.  As such they took the huge leap of faith by establishing a professional cooking kitchen in the V&A Waterfront.   Hence they will be able to use this venue for their cooking classes and for training students for the super yachts.

This is a great opportunity to learn to cook your own dinner.   In addition, they also offer some South African inspired cooking classes.   Check out their upcoming cooking classes here.    Moreover this venue can also be hired for any group event or friends wishing to do a master chef challenge!  So they are open to brief!   The new venue is fabulous and is wonderfully accessible – it is on the same road as the Cape Grace Hotel in the V&A Waterfront.

They have opened a coffee bar at the school – so pop past for a coffee and a pastry if you are in the Waterfront area and check them out!

The Melting Pot –  has moved to Elgin!!  

Open August 2021

Find this fabulous restaurants in its new home on Oak Valley Wine Estate in Elgin.   Follow them on insta for more details!


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