Origin Coffee in Cape Town – a must stop for coffee and tea lovers!

Origin Coffee in Cape Town – a must stop for coffee and tea lovers!

I cannot believe that this week was my first visit to Origin Coffee in De Waterkant in Cape Town. Ridiculous – or redonkeyless as my sister would say. Someone a year or two back told me that they had not enjoyed it as it was too dark inside.  So this thought sat at the back of my head and I did not enter.  I simply walked past it or drove past it a thousand times.  Oh boy was I missing out big time!




On arrival I was warmly met by the waitress who exercised great patience as I asked her to explain to me about their coffees that they are selling.




I knew the basics – ie that they source their own beans, they are a micro roastery, they roast daily and they sell their blends that they have grinded on the day of purchase…….but how do they extend this into their shop.  She explained that they serve their preferred blend unless you specify.  With their single bean roasts – you are very welcome to chose any of them and work your way through each time you visit.  Fantastic!  I think I will have to return to do my homework at least once a week!  The interior is dark – but the decor is sexy and the aroma is enough to make you want to just settle in and stay for a very very long time.  The staff are really lovely.  The food menu looked rather simple – however the proof is in the delivery – so I cannot comment until I have returned to try it out!  I can however comment on the coffee – it was fantastic – the perfect temperature – not too hot, not too cold.  The blend was also not too strong and not too weak – yes, I know it sounds strange – but weak coffee kills me, burnt coffee upsets me and when it is too strong – I can’t drink it – but it takes a lot to get to that point – as I really like strong coffee!  From a coffee lover perspective – head straight to De Waterkant if you enjoy good coffee!


An interesting side to this coffee bar is that it has a separate tea section.  To me the tea guys in the world have fallen way behind coffee as they have not marketed and turned it into a cult like they have with coffee.  It is almost impossible to find a pure tea garden where you can go and try specialist teas.

Here you will find over 100 loose teas for sale.  You can also book to do the tea ceremony with the staff that are experts on tea.  They will tell you all the secrets about the world of tea.  I can’t wait to do the tea ceremony – even though I don’t enjoy tea.  I just think that this is a wonderful angle and would love to learn more about tea.  The ceremony takes about 1.5 hours and is about R150 per person.  It must be booked in advance.  There is a separate room at the back where this is held.  Visit their website: www.originroasting.co.za Address: 28 Hudson Street, De Waterkant, Cape Town.  Tel no: 021 421 1000. Open Mon-Sat 9am-6pm

Almost next door is another firm little favourite of mine – Loading Bay.  This little coffee bar, come clothing shop, come people spotting, come trendy in a slighly manly way is a great spot to simply come and enjoy breakfast (really good!) and relax.  I have spent many lazy weekend mornings here and have always enjoyed it.  As such it is worth popping into if you are visiting Origin!

Around the corner from here is the Old Cape Quarter and the New Cape Quarter.  Both are great to explore the shops and to once again stop and people watch in the squares!  Note that this area is also our gay heartland – but certainly not exclusively so!  Many of the gay bars are in the neighbourhood and if you wish to go gay people spotting during the day pop into Lazari in the new Cape Quarter and also try Beefcakes for dinner.  Beefcakes is the first pink gay burger bar in Cape Town and it is fantastic!