Rachel is the newest member of our guiding team.    She is a lifetime foodie who studied at hotel school, owned her own restaurant and then moved to South Africa and bought a guesthouse.  She shares all the same interests as our team – food, wine, tourism, a great service ethic and a love of Cape Town.   In addition she has a wicked sense of humour!    She slipped in to the job as if it was made for her!   She brings years of experience with her to the team and loves sharing all the hidden gems of our city with our visitors!

Rachel’s Story:

Growing up in the UK (yes I am the British member of the team!) I have always had a passion for food. I remember even when I was a little child a treat for me wasn’t a McDonald’s, it was a mushroom pasta at the Italian owned local restaurant! As such I continued on to study in the hospitality field until the completion of my tertiary education.

From there the travel bug also took over which resulted in me working in Australia for many years for the most amazing independent group in a very food and wine focused team.

Returning to the UK the Gastropub scene was really taking off so I jumped in on that trend and ran a successful country pub/restaurant for 8 years. I loved it but after many years of devoting myself 100% to the business a change in life was needed. My partner of many years was originally from Cape Town and we decided to make the big decision to move to Cape Town 10 years ago.

It turned out to be the best decision ever, Cape Town is stunning on many levels and from day one I would spend hours walking around and discovering more and more about this amazing city. The artisans of this city are so passionate, resilient and dedicated and the quality on all levels from markets to wineries, cafes and restaurants is just next level. We are truly spoilt in Cape Town.

Recovering after the pandemic Pam was deservedly, getting increasingly busy at Cape Fusion Tours and the exciting opportunity to join the team presented itself. I absolutely love that we do private tours, in that we always go in with a well-researched plan but we can also completely free style that plan and end up somewhere completely different as we talk to our guests.  It is an absolute joy of mine to share what Cape Town has to offer with our visitors.